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* Results are not guaranteed. Results may vary depending on each individuals efforts and following the doctors recommendations. Dr. Filippini, in no way, claims that he can help everyone. Dr. Filippini will make every effort to find the cause of patients' conditions and make tailored recommendations based upon lab and examination findings. It is up to the patient to follow his recommendations to achieve similar results.

"I initially came to the office for chronic fatigue, joint pain, insomnia, diabetes, high blod pressure and an overall feeling of sickness.
Traditional medicine did nothing for me other then send me home with new medications. I had been taking medications for 15 years with no improvement to my health. I had tried to self-diagnose and treat my conditions with detoxing, supplements and diet. Everything I tried gave me a short-lived result because my knowledge was so limited.
Today, I am enjoying an energy level that I had not expectd. My flare-ups from ulcerative colitis have improved greatly. My high blood pressure and diabetes are under control and I have stopped taking all of my medications. I feel healthy once again. Im living a new lifestyle and making good choices to take care of myself  with the help of the doctor and staff at Abundant Life Health & Wellness. I've received such good results that I can't stop referring people to this program!"* 
~ Anna R. Stockton, CA


Everybody has a story.

Perhaps right now your story involves the frustration and irritation of recurring symptoms despite taking medications. Perhaps your story entails a cycle of sickness, fatigue or depression. Perhaps you have experienced continuous symptoms from thyroid imbalance, diabetes, or GI problems that continually linger. Everyone has a story.

Fortunately, here at Abundant Life Health & Wellness, we have a lot of stories. From Dr. Filippini's own personal testimony of overcoming auto-immune pancreatitis (his immune system would attack his pancreas and made him pre-diabetic despite eating healthy and exercising), to the countless stories of others who have experienced revitalized health and wellness, we invite you to take some time to check out "our stories" which you'll see above and at 
abundantlifehandw.com. These are just a few examples of the many people whose lives have been blessed by Abundant Life Health & Wellness. Our hope would be that you would trust us enough to allow Abundant Life Health & Wellness to rewrite your story as you take your steps towards your new abundant life!

If you live in the Danville, CA or greater East Bay area call us today at (925) 718-8759 to learn how you can start on the next chapter of YOUR story. 

"The reason I came to Abundant Life Health & Wellness was because I had out of control diabetes and thyroid problems. My Endocrinologist tried so many medications to control my diabetes but nothing worked.
The results with Dr. Filippini have been outstanding! Dr. Filippini did an extensive "whole person" examination to determine the root cause of my problems. When I started the program my fasting glucose levels were between 180-200. After only two months my readings have dropped to between 79-100. I would recommend anyone who suffers with diabetes or thyroid problems to come to Abundant Life Health & Wellness.*
~ Lem P. Manteca, CA