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About Dr. Filippini

Post Graduate Work

John P. Filippini, Doctor of Chiropractic graduated from Palmer college in Sunnyvale, California in May, 1988. He passed his State and National Boards immediately following, and started practicing in the Bay Area as a "Mobile" Chiropractor. He was offered a position at Stone Chiropractic in November, 1988, and moved to Manteca to practice with Dr. Jeffrey Stone in a multiple doctor clinic. He was promoted to Clinic Director, and was in charge of running Stone Chiropractic and training associate doctors for placement in satellite clinics for Dr. Stone until 1994, when he purchased Stone Chiropractic of Manteca. Dr. Filippini has relocated his office back to Danville, CA in 2017.

After becoming frustrated with his patients' Chronic conditions such as Arthritis, Chronic Knee Pain, Thyroid, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Autism and even Cancer not only not get help but continuing to get worse, he knew he had to do something. In 2009 Dr. Filippini started his training and post-graduate education at the Functional Medicine University as well as The Carrick Institute for a thorough (and excruciating) understanding of how the brain works and how to treat and stimulate each part of it.  

Dr. Filippini is a family man, being happily married to Gerry, the girl of his dreams, that he met in a small church in Walnut Creek in 1979 and married in 1981. They raised two sons, Jeremy and Joshua, who currently help run Abundant Life Health & Wellness.

Dr. Filippini has attended Crossroads Grace Community Church in Manteca and The Rock in Danville, and has been actively involved in children's ministries, men's ministries, and pre-marital counseling (along with his wife as a co-counselor). He stays active with exercise and golf, trying to model a healthy lifestyle for his patients.

In 2010, Dr. Filippini partnered with a Chiropractic Neurologist (Michael Johnson) who practices in Appleton, Wisconsin. He trains doctors across the nation how to diagnose and treat patients with neural, auto-immune and metabolic disorders, using brain-based therapies and nutritional supplements to treat many disease processes that were once thought incurable. This on-going training sets this elite group of doctors apart from every other type of doctor, successfully treating patients by not only adjusting the spine, but re-activating and balancing the brain and Central Nervous System, and in many cases, the auto-immune and metabolic diseases that caused the damage in the first place.

Chinese Medicine
Frequency/Energy Medicine
Post-doctoral Mastering the Thyroid certification
Functional Neurology & Functional Medicine
Certified Interactive Metronome Physician
Spinal Rehabilitation
Functional Treatments for Fibromyalgia
Trained in Eyelights®
Functional Blood Analysis
Functional Endocrinology
Neurotransmitters and Brain-Based Therapies
Autonomic Dysfunction
ADHD and Developmental Disorders
Vertigo/Balance Disorders
Neurologically specific adjustment techniques
RIFE Frequency 
Bio-Resonance Energy Medicine
​Biocharger Frequency Technology

Technology & Equipment that no other doctor in the Bay Area utilizes
Christ-centered, Family Oriented Practice
Empower patients through continual education on important health decisions
Perform assessments with state-of-the-art technology
Give specific care designed to bring about the most change
Offer affordable plans and financial assistance
Prime location in the East Bay Area